Looking Up Into The Sky 
Dr. John Stamey
Eric Colley
Dr. John Stamey is the Executive Director of He holds an earned doctorate in STEM (Tecnhology Education) from North Carolina State University., with specialties are mathematics and computer science.

Dr. Stamey has over sixty academic publications and presentations. He has always been a fan of astronomy, and is responsible for booking and running events for He promotes and runs more than ten events annually throughout the Carolinas, Georgia and Tennessee. Dr. Stamey is a proliphic author and podcaster, currently starting the "Space Business TimesTM" for this website.
Amatuer Astronomer Eric Colley attended York Technical College in Rock Hill and is a Windows Microsoft Certified Professional. He has over twenty years in the field of Information Technology. Even while growing up, Eric was always following the sky. He received his first telescope as a Christmas present when he was eight years old.

Eric currently views the daytime and nighttime with a range of six telescopes. He has exhibited at Comicons and Festivals, along with a wide range of academic institutions and astronomy clubs throughout the Carolinas. These include UNC-Charlotte for six years for their stargazing events, UNC-Asheville several times a year to help with astronomy club and with the college, and the Kaleideum Museum of Science in Winston-Salem and the Winston-Salem Astronomy Club multiple times each year.